Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis for Individuals and Couples


    I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 35445) and a certified Jungian analyst specializing in individual and couples psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

    Do you need help improving your relationships or resolving problems?

    I help individuals and couples overcome challenges and improve their quality of life.

    A warm, compassionate therapeutic relationship can make all the difference in finding the direction you are seeking.

    “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – Carl Jung

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    “John Porterfield is an authentic human being with exquisite insight and compassion, and an extraordinary depth of empathy. He is a Jungian analyst and psychotherapist, working with individuals, families, adolescents and couples. John’s depth enables him to accompany his clients into their uncharted places in the psyche and release the willingness and energy to go beyond where they have been emotionally. This unique capacity on his part facilitates ongoing growth and the blossoming of potential in the people with whom he works.”



    “A true partner in healing! John is an impeccable practitioner who creates a safe, contained environment in which the deepest transformational work is welcomed. My time with him was truly life-altering, and I am forever grateful for his powerful guidance and commitment. If you want to dive deep and find lasting change in your life, this is the place to be.”



    “John is a master analyst. He has depth, sensitivity, and a presence that provides comfort and safety. John has a unique style of understanding the inner world of his clients in a way that allows them access to the wonderful world of their unconscious that they have never known before. The therapeutic journey with John provides an opportunity to untangle old patterns and provides a clearer pathway to one’s own extraordinary authenticity.”



    “I came to John during a difficult time in my family life, having just separated from my wife and leading into a painful divorce. John is a compassionate and steady person, who listens intently and was able to provide insight into my own patterns that emerged over the course of my sessions with him. I came away from my time with John in a far better place than I arrived, and I know John was an instrumental part of my journey.”



    “When I met John, I was dealing with unresolved guilt and painful emotions stemming from the death of a parent. On top of that, abusing alcohol to drown out feelings, comprised of fear and sadness, John threw me the lifeline I needed to move forward. He worked patiently with me to identify and resolve emotional hurdles from past experiences in my childhood. He is calm, thoughtful and empathetic. He listens without judgement and offers valuable insight with compassion. I’ve moved on from the challenges in my life with John’s help. He continues to be the trusted guide I didn’t know I needed. John’s counseled me through the challenges of sobriety, repairing/strengthening my marriage, the birth of three children and so much more. And so, I write this recommendation for him, encouraging anyone who is struggling to reach out – I don’t know where I’d be without his help.”



    “I’ve enlisted John Porterfield’s support over many years to assist with my personal struggles along with my gains. John is pivotal in guiding me, and I embrace every minute that I spend with John. I find John to be tremendously thoughtful, encouraging, and probing me to find my way through self improvement. With frustrations in my profession, family dynamics, my addictive behaviors, and relationships, John is instrumental with my path. One of my favorite things in therapy has been analyzing in dreams with John’s expertise in Jungian psychology. John is intuitive, smart, up to date, and I trust him with my wellbeing.”



    “John Porterfield completely transformed the way we relate to ourselves and to each other. We started seeing John to solidify our communication as a (then) unmarried couple, and experienced profound shifts – both individually and as a couple – during our time and work together. John cares profoundly about his clients and he has the innate ability to reflect back the pure essence of each person he comes in contact with. He provided us with an atmosphere of safety that allowed us to open up emotionally in ways we would have never explored otherwise. He guided us through dark times and near separations, helped us explore our limiting narratives and shed light on unexplored potential, eventually finding ourselves more connected to our authentic selves and to each other. John was instrumental in building a solid foundation for our marriage and growing family, and we are eternally grateful for the insights and tools we gained and cherish to this day. Game changer!”

    -Cheryl and Tom


    “Over seven years ago, we were members of a year-long monthly dream group led by John Porterfield, and to this day, we reminisce about what a transformative experience it was. John was an excellent leader, encouraging equal participation by each member and ensuring respectful, positive interaction as each dream was discussed. His personal warmth and empathetic support provided a trusting environment within which group members were willing to share personal, intimate information. John asked pertinent and thoughtful questions to deepen possible dream interpretation, and his vast familiarity with mythic symbolism contributed to those interpretations. And finally, John displayed a rich and sensitively-employed sense of humor which helped members deal with difficult emotions.”

    -Acclaim for Dream Interpretation

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